Action points from the first pre-launch meeting (11-Aug-21)

Thanks to those who attended the first ORSZCA pre-launch meeting on 11-Aug-21.

Here are the action points from that meeting. Please use the comments box below for any comments or queries or email

The next pre-launch meeting will be on 1-Sep-21 and the details of this will be sent out next week.

Action points

SB = Simon Berry, ORSZCA start-up catalyst
LG = Leith Greenslade, ORSZCA start-up catalyst

ORSZCA co-chairs

SB/LG to reach out through the Diarrhoea Innovations Group (DIG) mailing list for nominations/self-nominations of organisations to put forward co-chairs of ORSZCA. It was agreed that we should seek a co-chair from one organisation in the global south and one in the global north. ASAP.
NOTE: there is already strong engagement with ORSZCA from icddr,b
NOTE ALSO: that co-chairs would have strong support from an ORSZCA admin function

ORSZCA launch on 15-Sep-21

Members to draw up lists of their own media channels by 1-Sep-21

SB/LG to reach out to ORSZCA members to create template launch materials for local adaptation by 8-Sep-21

Members to adapt the launch materials as appropriate and push them out through their own media channels on 15-Sep-21

Second pre-launch meeting to review progress towards the launch on 1-Sep-21 (SB to send out meeting invitations on 18-Aug and 25-Aug)

Letter to GFF

Members to consider the draft template letter to GFF (available here).

Members to consider sending this letter to GFF under their own letterhead as soon as possible and before the ORSZCA launch.

Please follow ORSZCA on Twitter @ORSZCA

Please point others to the ORSZCA website: and encourage them to sign up here:



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