UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY: Would you like to be supported to set up a new NGO to improve access to co-packaged ORS and Zinc?

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Charity Entrepreneurship is a very interesting organisation. It seeks to have a big impact by researching and selecting ideas that, if successfully implemented, would have a huge positive impact on society. They then select and support individuals to set up new non-profit organisations to make these ideas happen. Successful applicants are given the in-depth research already undertaken, and are supported with intensive training and start-up funding of up to $200,000.

They have just launched the current set of five ideas and one is: Distributing life-saving Oral Rehydration Solution and zinc co-packages to treat life-threatening diarrhea in under five year olds.

You can read about the overall programme here: Background on the incubation program

And you can find out more about the current opportunities here: Announcing our 2023 Charity Ideas. Apply now!

The deadline for applications is 12-Mar-2023.

If you’d like to talk to someone at Charity Entrepreneurship before applying, please contact Ula Zarosa <ula@charityentrepreneurship.com>

This is an amazing opportunity for someone to catalyse a huge impact.




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