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Please submit your co-chair nominations by 25-Aug-21

Would you or a colleague benefit from being at the helm of an alliance to take forward the new WHO recommendation on ORS and Zinc for children’s diarrhoea?

At the pre-launch meeting of the ORS Zinc Co-pack Alliance (ORSZCA) on 11-Aug-2021 it was agreed that we would seek two Co-chairs for ORSZCA – one from an organisation in the global south and one from the global north. Co-chairs may be from any sector and should represent organisations with a strong track record in child survival and a focus on reducing child diarrhoea deaths.

Interested organisations are invited to submit individual nomination(s) for these roles and we also welcome self-nominations. Nominate now through the ORSZCA website.

The role of ORSZCA Co-chair will carry significant influence and involve attendance at major international, regional, and national child survival and diarrhea fora. Whilst not remunerated, Co-chair roles will not be time-consuming or onerous (e.g., 4-6 Zoom meetings a year). The role would also strengthen the child survival advocacy and communications work that Co-chairs would be doing anyway as part their institutions, and bring with it the contacts, potential partnerships and profile that are so important to increase the impact of existing programs and for new project development.

Co-chair activities will be supported by a strong ORSZCA secretariat which will include development of a multi-year strategy and annual workplan, meeting scheduling and report writing, website maintenance and social media, and more.

Please nominate yourself or others here by 25-Aug-2021.

This invitation was first sent out through the ORSZCA mailing list. To be added to the mailing list please sign up here.