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Call for assistance: What is the ORS/Zinc status in your country?

ORS:Zinc status Screenshots graphic
We are slowly building a unique and valuable dataset on the status of ORS and Zinc around the world to raise awareness and generate interest in co-packaged ORS and Zinc. If you have 10 minutes to spare and are familiar with the status of ORS and/or Zinc in a particular country (or countries) please help us by completing a questionnaire on this in English or French. You do not have to know the answer to every question; our aim is to quickly gather insights from the information you have at your fingertips and between us we will build a complete picture.

This dataset seeks to answer the most frequently asked question, that no one can answer, which is “What is the current status of ORS and Zinc across LMICs?”:

  • Which countries are using ORS/Zinc co-packs?
  • Where does Zinc have “over the counter” status?
  • Which countries have co-packaged ORS/Zinc on their Essential Medicines List?
  • Co-pack brands, pricing and so on

Please head over the English questionnaire or the French one now or pass this to a friend.