At a pre-launch meeting of the ORS Zinc Co-pack Alliance (ORSZCA) on 11-Aug-2021 it was agreed that we would seek two Co-chairs for ORSZCA – one from an organisation in the global south and one from the global north. Co-chairs may be from any sector and should represent organisations with a strong track record in child survival and a focus on reducing child diarrhoea deaths.

Les organisations intéressées sont invitées à soumettre des candidatures individuelles pour ces rôles et nous accueillons également les auto-nominations. Nommez maintenant via le site Web de l'ORSZCA. Nominations close on 25-Aug-2021.

More details of the Co-chair role are contained in the call for nominations ici.


Making co-packaged ORS and Zinc the "go to" treatment for childhood diarrhoea