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Population: 20.25m (2020)
Area: 1.241m sqkm

Diarrhoea deaths: 6,474 (2019)

ORS coverage: 21% (2018)

ORS + Zinc coverage: 9% (2018)

National EML download: [not yet found]

National policy
ORS+Zinc in National Clinical Guidelines
❓ National Essential Medicines List last updated in [year not currently known]
ORS included in the National Essential Medicines List
Zinc included in the National Essential Medicines List
Co-packaged ORS & Zinc included in the National Essential Medicines List (as at Jun-2022)

Zinc availability
✅ Zinc available “over the counter”
✅ Any retailer can sell Zinc

Outlets for Zinc tablets:
✅ Pharmacies
✅ Drug stores/shops
❌ Supermarkets
❌ General retail outlets
✅ Community Health Workers
❌ Door-to-door sales people
❌ Government hospitals/clinics
❌ Private hospitals/clinics
✅ Campaigns and outreach

Co-pack availability
❌ Co-packaged ORS and Zinc available
✅ Discussions underway about introducing co-packaged ORS and Zinc

Co-packaged ORS and Zinc brands (may not be exhaustive)

Co-packaged ORS and Zinc manufacturers (may not be exhaustive)

Co-pack costs
Typical cost of a ORS/Zinc co-pack in the PUBLIC sector
Typical cost of a ORS/Zinc co-pack in the PRIVATE sector

❌ Diarrhoea programmes currently on-going

Name Organisation Funder Diarrhoea specific Target area


Additional information
Comment on questionnaire:
The idea of ​​co-packaging ORS and zinc is a good initiative. Mechanisms must also be developed to make them available from suppliers, even on the move, to facilitate access for communities anywhere and at any time in order to quickly correct diarrhoeal episodes.

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Making co-packaged ORS and Zinc the "go to" treatment for childhood diarrhoea